Foot and Legg Massage In Morecambe, Lancaster, Carnforth

Not many things are more relaxing than enjoying a nice Foot and Leg Massage, enjoyed with a nice cold or hot tea or coffee served with compliments.

The aim of the Thai Foot Massage is not the feet themselves even if you do get the benefit of your feet feeling much better, each part of the foot creates a reflex action in other parts of the body as demonstrated on the image below.

The foot massage works the feet, lower leg and also the knees, and it reported that the feet alone has over 7000+ sensory nerve endings that are connected to the body’s internal organsand leg massages can be traced back over 2000 years to the Buddhist monks at the Thai Royal Palace.

The massage is performed using massage oils, fingers, hands and small round wooden sticks that stimulate Sen Lines (part of the traditional Thai medicine) TTM.

Our Thai Foot Massages can be booked for 30 minutes, 1 & 2 hour bookings and works well with other massages such as Traditional Thai Massage or our Oil Massage

Some of the benefits of our Thai Foot Massage include improving the circulation to the feet and legs, it can help to reduce stiffness along with increasing flexibility and has been reported to help improve sleep, relieve stress and lift moods.

For people who spend long periods on their feet the benefits of having regular Thai Foot and Leg Massages really can make a difference.

As with all reflexology it is advisable to gain medial advice if you suffer from heart or serious health problems, are pregnant or have sores.